Home remedies for treatment of Piles (haemorrhoids).

Modern medicines started just 100 -150 years back and became popular in last 50- 60 years only. Human kind was evolving for millions of years. Our fore fathers were fighting with diseases as we do now, due to their curiousness and deep sense of observations, many simple remedies they have developed for complicated disease.

Your Grand mother may be able to tell you good and effective solutions for most of the ailments you come across, but due to your scientific egos you may not agree to her.

Here is a list of few home remedies for PILES, (haemorrhoids.)

If coupled with a healthy life style and food habits, result is assured

Common home Remedies (Single Drugs)

1. Fresh fruit of juice  Anar (pomegranate) – 14 ml., to be taken with 5 to 10 g. Sharkara (raw sugar) twice a day.

2. Powdered fruit rind of Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) – 1 to 3 g., to be taken with 50 ml. warm water, twice a day.

3. Pericarp of Anar (pomegranate) – 12 g., to be taken with equal part of sharkara (raw sugar) twice a day.

4. Kamal keshara (lotus stamen) – 5 g., to be taken with 5 g. butter in the morning.

5. Cream of curd – 50 g., churned in 250 ml. water is to be taken once a day.

6. Powdered fruit pulp of Bilva (bel) – 1 to 2 g. and Shunthi (dried ginger) – 1 g., to be taken with 50 ml. water twice a day.



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