Natural Products are used for creating sexual wellness for Centuries, There are well defined science behind it with out any side effects of modern medicine. Many plants are excellent sources of phytochemical which is excellent in boosting sexual health.


Rocks salts like shilajit are used for sexual wellness treatment for men by Romans and other old civilisations. Modern Randomised clinical trials also shows that in infertile men shilajith capsules increases the sperm counts and testosterone levels.


Indian Ginseng, ( Withania somnifera) is used to boost sperm motility and sperm count in ancient culture. In addition to this aswagantha also known to increase muscle strength and mass. Aswagantha also improves or testosterone levels.

Best foods to Boost Sexual drive

  1. Almond
  2. Peach
  3. Coffe
  4. Avocado
  5. Walnuts
  6. Chocolate
  7. Watermelon

Juices which will Boost Sexual Drive.

  1. Milk Shakes
  2. Banana Milk Shakes
  3. Pomegranate juice
  4. Watermelon juice

Ayurvedic herbal tips for dark skin

Dark skins are always a concern for many, especially when it is dry. But if you apply a little bit care, you can develop a good complexion out of dark dry skin. It is not the colour which matter, but the skin texture and its smoothness.

Ayurvedic herbs offer many solutions for dark and dry skins, few of the tips which you can try at home are listed below. Ayurvedic herbal tips for dark skin

  1. Apply Herbal Face cream regularly –

Chemicals do harm to skin, so prefer herbal face creams, herbal sunscreens, which are less toxic by nature, Regular use of these will prevent skin damages and delay skin ageing process. Always prefer shades during peak sun hours, but expose skin to early morning and evening sunlights, which is good for skin.

2) Reduce chemical make ups

Dark skins are always prone to acne and pimples, so always remove your make ups in the night and wash your face with reliable quality herbal face wash. Always keep your skin neat and clean.

3) Moisture your skin

Moisturising is an essential part of skin care routine for dark and dry skin, Nourish your skin with herbal oils like olive or Almond.

4) Herbal Face masks

At least once in a week use herbal ayurvedic face masks, This will help to keep your skin moisturised and will clear of blemishes, A good face masks can be prepared at home itself using locally available natural herbs.

5) Have a balanced diet

Diet is an important part of skin care and will help to develop a glowing skin, add more vegetables, fruits, leafs to your diet.

6) Drink water

The golden rule of 8 glass of water per day will really help to improve the texture of skin and improve the overall complexion.

7) Have adequate sleep

Sleep is natural process of healing, take adequate 7-8 hours sleep.

Herbal natural ways of skin care is always advisable as it reduces the toxicity of chemicals and our DNA s are familiar with naturals stuffs rather than chemicals which is available from recent past only.

Ayurvedic Herbal Skin Care Tips

Ayurvedic Herbal medicines are creating waves in the world of natural skin care. The first and foremost step in Ayurvedic herbal approach for skin care is finding out your skin type. Ayurvedic herbal Skin care is personalised to your constitution.

You can chose products only according to your skin type. Ayurveda identifies different body types as ” VATA”, “PITHA”, or “KAPHA” and sometimes as a combination of two of these “Doshas”.

Ayurvedic Herbal Skin care Tips.

  1. Include milk, whole grains & Green leaf vegetables in your diet.
  2. Drink Plenty of lukewarm water everyday for internal Hydration.
  3. Eat plenty of fruits as they help to cleanse body from with in and provide hydration as well.
  4. Oil is good for keeping skin lubricated.
  5. Keep away from synthetic cosmetics as they can damage your sensitive skin.
  6. Avoid spicy foods and deep fried foods.
  7. Take extra care when you go out in sun. Use Sun Screen and shades when ever possible.

Good Skin brightening creams like GLOWIN can help a lot to recover from skin damages.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening

Herbal / Ayurvedic Tips for Skin Whitening

Before the wake of Modern cosmetic’s era, how people used to enhance their beauty through the resources available in the nature, it is not a mystery, most of the house holds still preserve those beauty tips, which is inherited through generations.

We will look in to those natural ways of getting healthy, glowing, bright skin through this series of Tips. Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening.

Milk And Honey

Milk Believed to be the best and easily available house hold items to improve skin tone, technically it has some action on Tyrosine hormone, which controls the secretion of Melanin, which in turn is responsible for Skin darkening.

Thus Milk will reduce the skin darkening to an extent and becomes one of the most powerful skin brightening natural / herbal remedy.

Honey in turn is believed to have more bleaching properties in addition to its anti microbial properties, this will help you to get rid of pigments and scars in a herbal way.

Mixing Honey and Milk.

  1. Take one tea spoon of Honey and Milk and Mix it together.
  2. Apply of Face in a circular motion
  3. Once dried, Wash your face with water ( Room Temperature) after 15 minutes
  4. Repeat it daily.

This combination works better for Dry skin, as honey will improve skin moisture condition. Combining the skin whitening properties of milk with scar pigment removal properties of Honey will give you a powerful home / natural remedy for facial skin brightening. Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening


Piles mostly is a counter product of insufficient digestion due to unhealthy eating habits. This shall be addressed to get relief from piles and its symptoms.

Few natural products which will help to cure or relief symptoms of piles are as described below.

Tips to avoid Piles

Healthy food habits

Reducing the intake of too much of fried items, one should always limit the use of deep fried foods , especially for dinner.

Non Veg Meat

Non veg food, too much OIL, black beans all this need to be avoid,


Take vegetables with lots of fibre, good intake of water ( 2 -3 litre per day) will always act as natural remedies for piles.

Natural ingredients used in Ayurvedic piles treatment.

HARITAKI – Very common ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines used for Piles, Haritaki fruits are well established home remedies in India for centuries. This has believed to have positive impacts on symptoms of piles.

Anar- Anar juice is often regarded as effective home remedy solution for piles, Anar also has positive impacts on blood regulation.

Curd – Daily use of Curd is used as home remedy for piles for centuries.

Bilva – fruits are used as home remedy for piles.


Hair fall is always a worry some concern for all as it is linked with visible beauty and and physical appearance. How to control the hair loss is been always a research point for ayurvedic researchers for centuries, hence there are some effective ancient formulas also.

Even though it is difficult to control hair loss, which has genetical origin like baldness, most of the hair loss does not come to this category.

Mostly hair fall or hair loss is due to environmental reasons, personal hygiene, lack of care, internal diseases, food habits, general health etc, this sort of hair loss shall be controlled and hair shall be brought back to good condition.

Tips to Control Hair loss

There are many reasons for Hair fall , under standing these will help you to adapt better to your situation and reduce the impact on your hair.

  1. Look at the water you wash your hair.

Most of the time, in Indian conditions the water available is heavily chlorinated, this will certainly damage your hair, Use hot water to wash your hair.

2. Do not was hair every day

Limit your hair wash to just one or two times in a week, Washing every day will increase the chance of hair fall

3. Reduce stress.

Stress is noted as one of the reason for hair loss, if you are highly stressed, find a way to come out of  it, practice yoga or meditation.

4. Use Good quality hair oils and shampoos

Quality hair oils , a mix of herbal formulas , will always retain the hair loss and start regrowing hair, try some quality hair oils and shampoos like,