Ayurveda treatment for sexual problems in man

Traditional Ayurveda offers solutions for may sexual problems in men. Ayurveda has a history of centuries in treating sexual health problems in the Indian subcontinent. Many herbs shall be used to treat sexual stamina, long sex times as well as to improve libido. We will look for the main ingredients which all are used in most of the herbal sexual enhancers. ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS .


Aswagandha is one of the most famous ingredient used in many of the herbal sexual preparations, it has properties which is effective against erectile dysfunction, to enhance male libido etc. Aswagandha is also used to enhance female sexual urges also.


Shilajith has properties which can helps to increase testosterone levels, sperm count and sperm quality. Shilajit has become one of the non avoidable ingredient in the herbal sexual enhancers. Shilajith helps to maintain long sexual timings for man. ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS .


Shatavari , known as queen of herbs, a well know sexual enhancer in female, but it is used for centuries to improve endurance and performance in men also. A common ingredient in most of the herbal enhancers and shatavari is also one of the most studied herbs for its medicinal properties.


Gokshura is a well tested aphrodisiac, is very effective in treating sexual disorders in men. This can be used to improve fertility and for the over all improvement of sexual vigour in men and women. More than 2 month use of Gokshura will give a good improvement.


For centuries saffron is used for improving sexual desires and to treat sexual disorders. It is one of the unavoidable ingredient for any Ayurvedic medicines used to enhance sexual performance. Many studies revealed the effectiveness of saffron for treating sexual issues in men.

Combining these ingredients to an effective medicine is always challenging but at Mantraayurvedam we have many effective treatment solutions which is good to treat sexual problems of men, like ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS

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