five tips to control hair fall

Hair fall is a serious issues, now a days its impact is more visible in young generation, it impact the beauty of the person, But you can really control the hair fall and maintain or improve from the current situation very easily. Below are the few simple steps which can help you to overcome the the hair fall related issues.


Scalp massaging with good quality hair oil can do a lot of magic to hair, a good hair oil can help to regenerate functions of hair follicles, improved blood flow to scalp and the oily medium can keep away major scalp degenerating microbes.

2. Regular Hair wash

Wash your hair regularly to get rid of dust and other dirts which can form a bed for unwanted microbes, Keep your hair neat and clean. Dry it up after washing. Avoid combing wet hair.

3. Keep your self Hydrated.

Water is the most important component of Human Beings, So keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8 glass of water every Day.

4. Improve your Vitamin Intake.

Vitamin Rich diet can prevent hair fall to an extent, Vitamin A, B & E are key vitamins for Hair preservation.

5. De Stress Your self.

Stress is the enemy of wellbeing, De stress yourself, Practice meditation, invest time on personal development, Make your self happy, Take 2 Deep breath, smile and say yourself that you are happy.

Repeat it whenever you feel depressed, You will be more happy MAHA BHRINGRAJ HAIR OIL – FOR HAIR FALL

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