safed musli for better sexual life

Many men suffer from sexual dysfunction these days, Main cause being day to day stress, weak libido, hormonal challenges and many other root causes. Is this can be treated? , most of us ask these questions ourself, finding a good treatment option is always challenging.

Lets look in to Safed Musli and its use in men’s sexual problems, Safed musli is regarded as ” WHITE GOLD” in Ayurveda. It is used for the treatment of sexual problems in men for centuries. A gold standard medicinal plant in Ayurveda, Safed musli is normally found in tropical forests of INDIA.

Safed Musli is known as Chlorophytum borivilianum L. scientifically , is always regarded as a wonder plant more than 100 medicinal preparation are there in Ayurveda based on Safed Musli. Safed Musli is always a better choice for Ayurvedic Acharya’s for treating men’s sexual problems.


Safed musli roots are used to prepare various sexual tonics and capsules which is highly effective, ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS , Safed musli exhibits similar properties of ” TESTASTERONE” and increases sexual power in men, it is also very useful for increasing sexual time in men, Increasing sexual libido, sexual vigour and also useful to treat infertility.

Many studies shows that Safed musli is useful to increase sperm movements and increases strength in men. Safed musli also increase sperm quantify and quality by increasing sperm count.

Safed Musli is used to treat erectile Dysfunction, because of its aphrodisiac properties, it also helps to maintain erection during sexual intercourse. Safed Musli increases spermatogenic properties and helps to increase male potency. A very useful drug for men to improve chances of having children. ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS

Safed Musli also known as “Indian Viagra or Herbal Viagra”, Ayurveda use it as ” Vajikarana Herb”, Apart from improving sexual desires saved musli also increase general athletic abilities , men’s strength and sexual capacity. We have many preparations which contains Safed Musli. ManX – CREAM — FOR MEN’S SEXUAL WELLNESS

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