Ayurvedic herbal tips for dark skin

Dark skins are always a concern for many, especially when it is dry. But if you apply a little bit care, you can develop a good complexion out of dark dry skin. It is not the colour which matter, but the skin texture and its smoothness.

Ayurvedic herbs offer many solutions for dark and dry skins, few of the tips which you can try at home are listed below. Ayurvedic herbal tips for dark skin

  1. Apply Herbal Face cream regularly –

Chemicals do harm to skin, so prefer herbal face creams, herbal sunscreens, which are less toxic by nature, Regular use of these will prevent skin damages and delay skin ageing process. Always prefer shades during peak sun hours, but expose skin to early morning and evening sunlights, which is good for skin.

2) Reduce chemical make ups

Dark skins are always prone to acne and pimples, so always remove your make ups in the night and wash your face with reliable quality herbal face wash. Always keep your skin neat and clean.

3) Moisture your skin

Moisturising is an essential part of skin care routine for dark and dry skin, Nourish your skin with herbal oils like olive or Almond.

4) Herbal Face masks

At least once in a week use herbal ayurvedic face masks, This will help to keep your skin moisturised and will clear of blemishes, A good face masks can be prepared at home itself using locally available natural herbs.

5) Have a balanced diet

Diet is an important part of skin care and will help to develop a glowing skin, add more vegetables, fruits, leafs to your diet.

6) Drink water

The golden rule of 8 glass of water per day will really help to improve the texture of skin and improve the overall complexion.

7) Have adequate sleep

Sleep is natural process of healing, take adequate 7-8 hours sleep.

Herbal natural ways of skin care is always advisable as it reduces the toxicity of chemicals and our DNA s are familiar with naturals stuffs rather than chemicals which is available from recent past only.

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