Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening

Herbal / Ayurvedic Tips for Skin Whitening

Before the wake of Modern cosmetic’s era, how people used to enhance their beauty through the resources available in the nature, it is not a mystery, most of the house holds still preserve those beauty tips, which is inherited through generations.

We will look in to those natural ways of getting healthy, glowing, bright skin through this series of Tips. Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening.

Milk And Honey

Milk Believed to be the best and easily available house hold items to improve skin tone, technically it has some action on Tyrosine hormone, which controls the secretion of Melanin, which in turn is responsible for Skin darkening.

Thus Milk will reduce the skin darkening to an extent and becomes one of the most powerful skin brightening natural / herbal remedy.

Honey in turn is believed to have more bleaching properties in addition to its anti microbial properties, this will help you to get rid of pigments and scars in a herbal way.

Mixing Honey and Milk.

  1. Take one tea spoon of Honey and Milk and Mix it together.
  2. Apply of Face in a circular motion
  3. Once dried, Wash your face with water ( Room Temperature) after 15 minutes
  4. Repeat it daily.

This combination works better for Dry skin, as honey will improve skin moisture condition. Combining the skin whitening properties of milk with scar pigment removal properties of Honey will give you a powerful home / natural remedy for facial skin brightening. Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin whitening

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