Hair fall is always a worry some concern for all as it is linked with visible beauty and and physical appearance. How to control the hair loss is been always a research point for ayurvedic researchers for centuries, hence there are some effective ancient formulas also.

Even though it is difficult to control hair loss, which has genetical origin like baldness, most of the hair loss does not come to this category.

Mostly hair fall or hair loss is due to environmental reasons, personal hygiene, lack of care, internal diseases, food habits, general health etc, this sort of hair loss shall be controlled and hair shall be brought back to good condition.

Tips to Control Hair loss

There are many reasons for Hair fall , under standing these will help you to adapt better to your situation and reduce the impact on your hair.

  1. Look at the water you wash your hair.

Most of the time, in Indian conditions the water available is heavily chlorinated, this will certainly damage your hair, Use hot water to wash your hair.

2. Do not was hair every day

Limit your hair wash to just one or two times in a week, Washing every day will increase the chance of hair fall

3. Reduce stress.

Stress is noted as one of the reason for hair loss, if you are highly stressed, find a way to come out of  it, practice yoga or meditation.

4. Use Good quality hair oils and shampoos

Quality hair oils , a mix of herbal formulas , will always retain the hair loss and start regrowing hair, try some quality hair oils and shampoos like,


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